“Artistic Homage to Chinatown’s Societies”

Natalia Glauser

This show will Exhibit works of both Chinese-Canadian Artists and internationally renowned Chinese artists, and will include painting, photography, and sculpture. The works will present an artistic appreciation and conceptual interpretation of Chinatown’s many Societies and how they have attributed to the Chinese cultural foundations in Vancouver and throughout North America. This artistic display of gratitude and historical reverence will include reprinted photos from the Vancouver archives and to intersect the past, present, and future there will be recent works by contemporary artists Terence Koh, Zhang Xiaogang, Li Wei, Andrew Lui, and Henry Ho.

Model 1:
This is the completed model of the Chinese Cultural Centre with the show Inspiring Foundations. This shows how the integration of sculpture, photography, and painting will become a visceral experience of education and appreciation.

Model 2:
This is a detail of an interactive sculpture depicting the pictures of the society building in Vancouver’s Chinatown including: Lim Sai Hor Association, Mah Society of Canada, Shon Yee Benevolent Association, Yue Shan Society, and the Benevolent Association.

I chose to work with colours that represent life (red/pinks),and success/richness (gold/yellow). I was inspired by the colours of the art works selected and the colours of Chinatown.

Image 1:
Much of Chinatown’s population would not have had as many opportunities to flourish and maintain strong cultural traditions without the support of the many Societies; such as the Benevolent Association which help provide the connection between China and Canada.

Image 2:
Recent works by Li Wei in which he deals with ideas of political unrest or change, and human connectivity. He has noted that it is particularly important for younger generations to understand the struggles and cultural importance of the past in order to withstand future adversities.