•Community Projects Course, Fall 2009: Sam Carter
  •Creative Processes and Drawing Course: Sheila Hall
  This website shares the work of Emily Carr University of Art and Design students enrolled in courses for Community Projects, Creative Processes and Drawing. The projects explore and research Chinatown in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada by conceptually approaching Chinatown’s past, present and future.

Engagement with the projects by foundation, second and third year students is extensive. Students prepare power-point presentations, build models, write proposals for exhibitions in the Chinese Cultural Centre Gallery, research at the Vancouver Archive, do site visits and produce projects to enhance their understanding of the spirit of the place they live. Research and workshops involve engaging with a diverse range of non-profit community organizations: Canadian Society for Asian Arts, Chinese Cultural Centre, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Save the Children Canada, Arts Umbrella, Asia Pacific Foundation, and other Asian heritage and cultural organizations.